Scholarship Donations with a Tax Credit

Imagine your gift to CCS being multiplied exponentially – a gift providing tuition for a child in this year, enabling state funding for the following years, and opening the door for their siblings to receive the same benefit. On top of that your donation would be eligible for a 50% tax credit (not a deduction, a true credit)! That’s not wishful thinking – it is the opportunity provided through Indiana’s tax credit when donating though a state-certified Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). Calumet Christian School has partnered with Sagamore Institute SGO to administer this program and enable you to receive these tax credits when donating to CCS.


50% Indiana Tax Credit

The State of Indiana has allocated $14 million dollars for the 2018-19 school year toward tax credits for qualifying donations. These donations must be given through a certified SGO, and a certified school may designated. The donor then receives a 50% tax credit for their donation until the $14 million budget has been exhausted. These credits will become available starting July 1, 2018.

Student and Family Benefit

A family with financial need can apply through the school for the tuition scholarship. If they meet the financial need requirements, the school and Sagamore SGO will determine the amount of scholarship to be awarded. Once the student has received at least a $500 scholarship through Sagamore SGO, they and their siblings will be eligible to apply for the Indiana Choice School voucher program, without ever having attended a public school!  This is how your gift grows exponentially!

Next Steps

To learn more about this tax credit scholarship, download the full informational brochure here.
You can also learn more and donate now by visiting the Sagamore Institute SGO’s website at: