unnamed (5)Preschool and Kindergarten programs provide a strong foundation in phonics which will be built upon each successive year. These programs make learning FUN.

unnamed (6)The Elementary program is built on the ABeka curriculum. With an average of less than 15 students per class room, teachers are able to give personalized attention to the students. Language skills, Bible, Math, Cursive Writing, Science, History, and Social studies make up the core subjects. Bible verses and character training are emphasized daily.IMG_20141220_095918206

Strong academics are the key words for the Junior High. The instructional goal is the mastery of skills, not just a passing grade. Students are taught to think creatively.

Parents of High School Students may choose a general (46+ credits) or an academic track (50+credits) for their student.   All students gain knowledge in English, math, geography, biology, history, chemistry, Spanish, government and much more.

Parents are able to access their children’s progress at our Sycamore School site here: